Download Video And Music From YouTube

2018/09/09,New release v3.5.6 Fixed the video can't play and download
Please go to to download and install again. New version will overwire old. But your local video and music will keep.


FinalTube3 is a download tool, free forever. You can discover video and music from multipe channel. And you can favorite it to your playlists. You will get surprise in everyday.


Discover amazing video and music, integrate multiple channel to give you that a lot of video and music


Play offline video and music in anytime and anywhere. Support YouTube, SoundCloud, Jamendo, Dailymotion and other media sites.

Connect Your YouTube

Connect to your YouTube video list, let you find the favorite video and music more easy. And, you also can favorite video to your YouTube list.

Make Ringtone

You can download ringtone from ringtone chart. Or, make your ringtone from YouTube.

MP3 Convert

You only want to listen music? Convert video to mp3, save your storage.


Search video and music from multiple channel, you can found more wonderful video and music.

Share 25 secs video

Share 25 secs video to your Instagram/Facebook/Messenger, let people know video and music that your recommendation.

Export File

You can store video/music to camera roll or cloud drive (Dropbox, Google Drive, One Drive, email or others)

Earn Money

Use this app to share video or music. Then you can earn money, when user click your share link. Earning reporting in daily update in app.

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